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Packer Engineering is a Trademark of Engineering Answers, Inc.
Packer Engineering Group, a Trademark of Engineering Answers, Inc. is a new company founded by former professional staff of the original Packer Engineering in Naperville, Illinois, a leader in the engineering consulting business for over 50 years.   We are carrying forward the standard of exceptional service to our clients, providing a thorough and professional work product no matter what size the project is.   At  Packer Engineering Group we look to diversify our work experience by seeking projects in insurance and litigation support,  accident investigation, industrial consulting, product development and research.   We believe that by providing this varied work scope and supporting our staff in every way possible, they will be better able to find solutions to your needs.  If you are starting on a new venture or if your daily routine has been disrupted by the unexpected, we will join with you, applying our knowledge and experience to help you get to where you want to be.  To put it simply, we want to earn your business by listening to your needs and working hard to find solutions. We are Packer Engineering Group..........Engineers with Answers!   
Packer Engineering Group provides experience and expertise in many areas including:

          - Accident Investigation & Reconstruction
          - Failure Analysis
          - Cause & Origin Investigations
          - Structural/Architectural Assessments & Performance Evaluations
          - Code Compliance Issues
          - Human Factors 
          - Product Safety & Liability Assessments
          - Product Development
          - Custom & Routine Testing
          - Research & Development
E n g i n e e r s   w i t h   A n s w e r s !