Packer Engineering  (866) 264-4126
Packer Engineering is a Trademark of Engineering Answers, Inc.
The Construction Technology group offers a full range of service for engineering consulting related to residential, commercial and industrial properties.  Our multi-disciplinary team includes Architects, Structural and Mechanical engineers and Technologists.  Whether it is a loss incident, evaluation of building practices or consulting for a new project, Packer Engineering Group's professional staff can help insure the structural integrity of a building and the safety of the individuals inside.

Areas of Expertise:

     - Building element analyses including foundations, exterior and interior walls, roofs, floors, ceilings and finishes.
     - Structural analyses of slabs, pavements, building frames, bridges, towers, signs, tanks, silos, and other structures.
     - Site safety and OSHA compliance studies.
     - Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems evaluations.
     - Construction customs and practice studies.
     - Exterior facade inspections including masonry, EIFS, Portland cement plaster, precast concrete, GFRC and other sheathing.
     - Building material analysis.
     - Building thermal envelope analyses including insulation, HVAC and moisture analysis evaluations.
     - Utility line inspections including water, sanitary and steam pipelines.

The Packer Engineering Group team is ready to travel to your site.  If you need on-site help with water intrusion, hail or weather damage, ventilation issues or other structural incidents, our Engineers with Answers will meet you there.