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Packer Engineering is a Trademark of Engineering Answers, Inc.
Packer Engineering Group provides the transportation industry with expert accident reconstruction, failure analysis and engineering design solutions.  Packer has worked with a wide range of vehicles including automobiles, motorcycles, forklifts, rail road locomotives, buses,  trailers, off-road and construction vehicles.  Clients rely on our engineers to provide sound, technical solutions to their vehicular questions.  Whether reconstructing an accident, testing a vehicular component or developing new technologies for the transportation industry, Packer engineers provide answers.

- Accident Investigation & Reconstruction
- Failure Analysis
- Full Litigation Services
- Mechanical Testing & Analysis
- Product Liability Assessment
- Crash Data Retrieval
- Vehicle Path Reconstruction
- Accident Scene Documentation

Vehicle incidents often require documentation of the scene as well as the equipment involved.  Packer Engineering Group has experienced staff ready to measure and photograph any location.