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Jeff Williams is President of Packer Engineering Group, a multi-disciplinary engineering and technical consulting firm located in the Chicago metro area.  In addition to managing all aspects of the company he also serves as the lead technologist for the laboratory.  He works in all areas of the laboratory including accident reconstruction testing, product reliability testing, prototype development, fixture design and creation, courtroom models and displays, sales and trade show displays, CAD drawings, CNC machining and 3D printing.  Jeff also supports Packer engineering staff in the field by doing on site laser scanning, total station surveys, photography and video documentation & editing.


Mr. Williams’ has a varied technical services background with experience in failure analysis, testing, design and construction of fixtures, scale models and displays.  He also has extensive experience contributing as a team member of several research projects.  He designed and fabricated test fixtures for three NASA funded SBIR projects, two of which were flown on board the NASA micro-gravity jet.  The third project was a ground based fixture that used radioactive materials as a containment for high temperature heating experiments.  He has worked on building and designing prototypes for the Department of Defense, US Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy and the US Marine Corps.


Jeff and the Packer Engineering Group lab have conducted testing on firearms, railroad equipment, industrial fixtures, automobiles, construction equipment, forklifts, aircraft, watercraft, retail displays, consumer products and new inventions.