Packer Engineering Group  (866) 264-4126
Packer Engineering is a Trademark of Engineering Answers, Inc.
Packer Engineering Group  is a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting and technical services company located in Naperville, Illinois.  Our clients include private individuals, insurers, manufacturers, industrial processors, utilities, government and law enforcement agencies and their representing attorneys.  We offer engineering investigation and analysis, customized and routine testing, accident investigation and reconstruction, pretrial and courtroom testimony.  We maintain a staff of engineers, scientists, technicians and support personnel you can call on to solve your problems.  Packer distinguishes itself with a highly professional engineering and technical staff.  In addition, Packer Engineering group offers visual, knowledge and laboratory services.  Our clients count on us to provide solutions to even their most difficult problems.  Contact Packer Engineering Group to assist you with your engineering projects.
      E n g i n e e r s   w i t h   A n s w e r s !
Packer Engineering Group utilizes an experienced Technical Services staff to support the work of our Engineers and Scientists.  These services include field documentation, testing and demonstratives.
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